Friday, 7 June 2013

Colour Crazy 2

As I said, I had more GORGEOUS fabric to share. Here it is!!

YUUURRRRM!!! The red kelp I already raved about, but the adorable circles in squares fabric I didn't. It is from Aneela Hoey's "Sherbet Pips" for Moda line. It is perfect for a big big backing, sashing, patchwork....anything. The size of the squares makes it so versatile. They're not too small to look odd as a backing, but not too big to fit in fiddly patchwork or clothing.

THIS - I really wanted to share. I have fallen for Art Gallery Fabrics hardcore. Their tagline is "feel the difference" and baby, I feel the difference. Slippery, light and smooth these fabrics are AMAZING to fondle. Don't tell me you don't fondle the fabrics. We all do. It's a safe place here. Fabric fondling is good. I don't think I've written fondle (or any of it's derivatives) that many times in one paragraph. Aaaaanyway, the three fuschia, mustardy-yellow and turquoise fabrics with squares on them are from Pat Bravo's "Carnaby St" collection and are called "Kinds Road". These are great as blenders and brilliant as binding. I've seen Rita from RPQ use these a few times and phwoar, luurrrve it. Luckily, Art Gallery Fabrics have seen the potential in this print and decided to print lots more colour-ways in their "Squared Elements" collection to be released in late June. This means, even if Carnaby St goes out of print, Art Gallery Fabrics will continue printing these guys because their "elements" are their go too's for blenders/fillers eg. oval elements, floral elements etc.
Also in the above photo are the two florals from Carnaby St. They're called "Ladylike" and I think that is grand. I'm considering making a dress out of the navy one on the left and using the right one for the lining of a bag. I've recently developed a taste for florals. Not all. I mean, some are just atrocious and hideous and belong in a special place called 'never-touch-these-or-you-will-be-exiled-ville'. However, there have been a few that have  managed to escape that black-hole and become either acceptable almost Liberty prints (of which there are still ugly ones) like these, or the cute adorable ones like Pam Kitty/Leicen/Tasha Noel 1930's-esque. And, because I am a woman, I reserve the right to like and dislike certain florals for absolutely no logical reason. (I believe it is in the girl manual for men - women may change their minds on anything for no logical or practical reason and be accordingly outraged if you point this out).

The lovely floral on the top of that vibrant Art Gallery mountain is from "Bijoux" by Bari J. This lady is an amazingly talented patchworker, embroiderer, freemotion quilter and sewist. Follow her on instagram if you want to feel unaccomplished and inadequate. Did i mention she runs a few miles a day?? ugh. I hate motivated and talented people. Just kidding. So this floral is lovely and delicate, completely suits the Carnaby St fabric and I think all of them will go together nicely in a quilt.

I am  looking forward to days when I am well enough to post tutorials and share my love of fabulous fabric and progress on current projects. If there is a bit of a gap between posts, It isn't because I don't want to write, it may be due to my health or I might actually be legitimately busy (I'll faint from disbelief too if that ever happens!)


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