Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Colour Crazy

Hello, hello.  What do we have here? 


After weeks and weeks of staring at all the low impact/volume/value/(voltage?) fabric I have used to make up my current project, I kinda went a little colour crazy. I went shopping online. *cue awesome shopping montage with cool music*

Firstly, that little swirl of colour up top is the Anastasia Print from Jennifer Paganelli's "Girls World Vibe" collection for Free Spirit Fabric. This is not the headliner print in this collection, but I like it anyway. I love that the print is purely the block colour and white. I buy a lot of blender/filler fabrics in just one colour and white, or two colours and white. This means I don't have to think too much about the colours that will or won't go with it - because it only has one or two choices (plus co-ordinates, but that's not what a blender is for). I'm thinking this will be a staple in the blenders/fillers section of my stash :)

Next we have three from Lotta Jansdotta's "Glimma" collection for Windham Fabrics. I got the "Little Kita" in Blueberry and Fog because, like the Anastasia print, they looked like perfect simple, quiet and easy fillers. Their modern lines can be used in the most modern of modern quilts, yet they're almost whimsical as they resemble kite tales blowing in the wind - allowing them to be used in kids quilts and/or other rich colour based quilts.

Also from Lotta Jansdotta (I love saying her rhymes and almost has a metre to it!), I bought the "Marby" in Jade. This is a little out of my usual comfort zone, but as soon as it arrived, I was in love. The colours are so crisp and stark. The Jade colour is rich and somehow creamy without looking pastel. Definitely getting more than just the 1/2yard I originally bought.

Finally, I popped in the red leaves because I don't have much fabric with block red. I have low voltage (hehe) fabric with red on it, pink and red, green and red etc. Just not much of blocks of red or anything I could use for fillers/blenders if I needed. I particularly liked the 'Kelp' in red from Emily Herrick's "Shore Thing" collection (Michael Miller), because it could be used to look like feathers or leaves in the wind and that is has that magical mix I like of modern/whimsical without looking too childish.
Next, I managed to find a place that still stocked limited yardage of Aneela Hoey's "Sherbet Pips". I grabbed some of the blue and some of the pink background puppies I have always adored. I can't wait to make some hexagons out of them, use it for adorable borders on kiddy quilts and so many more projects - as my sister is pregnant and I now can think of baby/childrens projects :) :)

I also snapped up some of Valori Wells' "Wrenly" collection. I grabbed two of the most delicate and dreamy designs called "Wildfield", in cobalt and citrus. I could imagine just covering two cushions with this and embroidering along the stems of the dandelions.....*sigh*

I am busy planning new ideas for all my new fabric, and almost finished with the quilt-top of my low value quilt. I will add more photos soon from this delivery as there are a few more fabrics I want to share with you and drool over


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