Thursday, 13 June 2013

Low Volume / Value / Impact Quilt Progress and Other Doings.


Welcome to the misery of winter

Above is a photo of an avenue of trees I drive past every week or so. They're a good judge of the season as they are deciduous (and yes I had to google 'deciduous' to make sure that I spelt it correctly - thankfully I did because otherwise you would have been stuck with 'desiduis'. Stupid language isn't phonetic.) I love the road because it is an 80km/h zone and in autumn the leaves fly through the air as you drive over them and they're caught in the slip stream *sigh*. In summer they're a beautiful luscious green that makes you feel like you're driving through a forest.
The photo on the right was at 5pm yesterday. I pulled into my driveway and the fog was slowly seeping across our front paddock. CREEPY. I didn't stick around long enough to discover whether or not dementors were hiding in the fog as I had raced inside and preemptively scoffed some chocolate. We didn't have any chocolate frogs, but hey chocolate is chocolate.

 The winter weather has unfortunately made my pain worse. On the up side, I get to use the quilts I have made, on the down side, blergh. I have been going through more specialist visits and had two MRIs last week to investigate whether or not we will be able to improve my ability to walk. I'm still waiting for the radiologist report on them, but I will be going to the orthopaedic surgeon next week to find out what he thinks. So far he is worried whether his surgery to remove a tumour in my foot will be more scarring and traumatic to my ability to walk than the existing tumour - but we will find out what happens next soon.

On a more cheerful note. My low voltage quilt top is finished!! Here are a few more photos that I didn't want to spam the people on instagram with :D

The above fabrics were all possibilities for the backing, however, I didn't have enough and had a massive arguement with a pencil and paper when trying to plan a pieced backing. I'm planning on either looking online for a 108inch wideback, 6yards of normal width fabric or......find something at a random quilt/fabric shop. I just want the quilt finished so I can wrap myself in it and re-watch episodes of Elementary and drink vanilla rooibos tea with red licorice. Is that too much to ask? (a little specific eh?)

Again, follow me on Instagram if you want more frequent updates on my goings on, random thoughts, odd observations and photos of my cat and dog. I know that was an exciting and enticing invitation; I sound super interesting.

I'm off to the Sydney Quilt and Craft Fair this weekend. Hopefully I will come back with some goodies to show around.


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