Monday, 17 June 2013

Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair 2013

The 2013 Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair was on from the 12th - 16th June and I was lucky enough to go in for two days. Although it's no Houston, it's good enough for me!! FABRIC HEAVEN! Quilt, fabric and sewing shop owners/designers etc, come together and the public (fight over) are able to  purchase fabrics and supplies that aren't available their local shops or only online (with ridonkulous postage), network and stuff.

After last year, we had planned to do it in two days - and with a wheelchair. Last year when we went, we didn't manage to see more than about a third of it because I was unable to walk or stand any longer - so we had to leave early. It was a bitter disappointment, but we made up for it this year!

My wonderful mum and I went in on the Friday night and we stayed for two nights, allowing us to be up nice and early for two full days at the show. Knowing we had two days, we didn't feel rushed, and we soon realised it was a good plan to do it that way, because on the Saturday, we only got from aisle A through to D....and the aisles went up to K! Eeek!

We checked in at the iconic Great Southern Hotel in the centre of Sydney, right next to Chinatown/Haymarket, and for the first time in my life I was upgraded for something. We were moved to an executive suite! Oh yeah! Still, only two single beds. Not the two king sized beds I was expecting :P

I loved the hotel decor (recently refurbished). It was art deco inspired with deco style fonts, memorabilia from when the hotel was operating between 1903 and the mid 1930s.

We settled in, snacked on random goodies. Mum on chocolate and red wine. Me on chocolate and wraps. No-one but my twin sister seem to understand why eating wraps on their own is so delicious, but trust me, get the right ones and they're marvellous!

We went to bed early, all starry-eyed and excited for the weekend to come. >*o*>

To be continued.....what did I get while I was there?


Have you ever had a free upgrade? Flights? Accommodation? Anything? It's awesome!

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  1. Oooh nice fabrics . It sounds like you and your lovely mum had a great time.