Sunday, 21 July 2013

Update on doings

Hello hello,

If anyone has been following me on Instagram, they would know that recently I pin basted my monster low colour value quilt the other day. Alone.

Resulting in a reaction not too far removed from the below image.

To say that pinning out the quilt was ridiculously difficult is an understatement. I think the next aptitude test for the army should involve single-handedly pin basting a 80 x 100inch quilt without a break. That'll test their mettle. And I won't have to do it.

I also have had a small project on the side, as a time waster whilst waiting for the backing fabric for my low volume quilt and when my wrists, elbows and shoulders couldn't handle maneouvering the weight of the pink ombre quilt.

This one is made up from a layer cake my boyfriend bought for me as part of my birthday present back in May. I specifically asked for Bonnie and Camille's "Happy-Go-Lucky" for Moda, because he didn't want to get the wrong thing.

The quilt top was an easy one or two hour job for a cot size (45 x 54 inches approx) and is really easy to do. It is like the block was made for pre-cut fabrics. I cut up some white 5" squares and the blocks just churned out, one after the other.

The block is simple and striking, and can be used in a range of interesting configurations, especially if made in a smaller scale (eg. 4.5inch blocks instead of my 9 inch ones) or with a more restricted colour palette.
One cool thing is that if you do things cleverly, you can make a second quilt/matching pillow/border out of resultant HST off-cuts from the process of putting the original blocks together.

Seeing as I didn't have a huge amount of off cuts, I will have to cut into my stash of blenders to either bulk the above blocks out into another quilt, or settle with making them into a pillow cover.

For the moment, I've finished quilting the Happy-Go-Lucky quilt, however, I'm yet to bind it. That will be in the next few days. As always with my health, I have to take each day as it comes. One day I'll be able to wrangle my massive low colour value quilt and other days I can't even walk without assistance. I'm hoping this week will be a good week, and I can finish off the little quilt and maybe the secondary one made from the HSTs. (Don't know if I mentioned this, but I love HSTs, so maybe I'll get to it before binding the other one. I mean, it's just binding, it's not exactly crying out for help.......)

Anyway, I have another layer cake......anyone want me to do a tutorial on the block used for the Happy -Go-Lucky quilt and how to get little off-cut friends?

Or is it an obvious no-brainer and I'm insulting you by asking?

I'm always so self-conscious when asking readers questions - and getting no response. I feel the awkwardness for days. The awkward cough that echoes.....*cough*. Well THAT made things awkward.



Until next time?


  1. I'll break the awkwardness and say go for it! I've done a lot of tutorials and whether or not they help the readers who knows, but I do know they're tremendously helpful to myself! It's a lot of work but thoroughly enjoyable and very satisfying when it's done!

    1. Thanks Joanna! To be honest it would be helpful to me at least, if I did the tutorial, because if (more like when) I forget how to make something, I will have instructions tailor made for myself :-)

  2. As I am forgetful to the max I appreciate well written tutorials too. Hopefully better than the knitting pattern I am using at he moment.