Wednesday, 14 August 2013


My twin sister came home a little while ago from Melbourne and as she was driving, she asked if I wanted her to bring anything with her.

Naturally there was the request for everything in stock from her local Brunetti.....mmmmm. Then I remembered that she has two Ikea's between a 15 and 40min drive.

I gave her a shopping list for the super cheap 100 pack of tea lights, 5m of a fabric and a spice rack (amongst other things). It was a completely random list, but she dutifully tracked all the items down.

When she came across the spice rack, she saw it and somehow knew I needed two, even though I asked for one. I received a message from her with a photo of the unassembled rack with a note saying "only one?". I caved and asked her to get the second.

Although I do like the look of the pinewood that the racks are made of, it doesn't suit anything in or around my desk. My desk (also from Ikea) is a black/brown colour with the drawers white.

As a result, I seeing as the shelf that I already had was a matching black/brown, I would continue to match my desk, but use the white to lighten up the area and try make it look less cluttered. Here is the result!


One Tinkerbell cup from when I went to Tokyo Disneyland in 2003, one Pantera Rosa 2 (Pink Panther 2) nutella jar/cup from when I was in Italy in 2009, one cup that was my Nonni's and the carton is from my birthday present from my twin this year.


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