Saturday, 28 September 2013

Chelsea's Woodland Friends Quilt

Hello hello,

I know it has been a while since I have been on here, but I promise I've been busy.

I just realised I never told you that Katie had her baby!! It is a girl and although she was born on the 31st of August (5 weeks early), she was able to leave the hospital after 10days and has put on 500gms in three and a half weeks.

I've never really liked children and still don't really, but as soon as I saw her and her little feet and fingers - I'll admit, I melted. But it wasn't until I held her for the first time that I got the the overwhelming feeling that I would do anything to protect this child. It was like plunging into a big pool of all-encompassing love. It may have been that she was still technically two and a half weeks premature, tiny, fragile and defenseless, but as soon as she was placed on my bare chest (she was just in a nappy and I had a bra on) I was swimming with oxytocin. My breathing slowed, I started feeling sleepy and Chelsea did too. I'm a bit of a biology/anatomy nerd and so I had heard all about oxytocin, but I never thought I would experience it due to my dislike of children. It hit me hard. I was so relaxed, happy and it was like a knot in my chest had come undone. It was almost disconcerting how sudden it hit me. I've now dubbed Chelsea my "chill-pill". In my family, my dislike of children is very well known and so they have enjoyed reminding me how suddenly I fell in love with her, how they knew I would crumble as soon as I held her etc. I don't mind though, she's worth it.

(A few photos of my first snuggle with Chelsea)

In the last few weeks, I have been putting together Chelsea's first quilt. I saw the "In the Meadow" quilt pattern designed by Jina Barney for Riley Blake Designs one day and knew I had to make it or something similar for Katie's first child (at the time be didn't know the sex). 

I searched online and found both the pink and the blue panel that make up the middle of the quilt. The fabric collection is called "Woodland Tails" and is by Sheri Berry Designs for Riley Blake and the panel also comes in green. I also grabbed two charm packs.

I cut a little closer to the circle border around the panel and so replaced the white with the bows from Aneela Hoey's "A Walk in the Woods" line for Moda. I also trimmed down the charm squares to fit the new border and added a few pink fabrics I already had.

I then bound it in white dots on yellow from Leicen's "Baby Bunting" collection.

With some of the scraps from the backing I put together this label.

Now for the spamming of photos from the proud Auntie!

 Until next time!

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