Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Finished Low Volume / Impact / Colour Value Quilt

I thought it was about time I showed you the end result of my low colour value/volume/impact quilt.

So maybe I finished it on the 28th of July. And maybe I threw it onto my bed straight away, complete with loose threads and un-ironed untidiness. It's just that I put so many hours into this guy, it is the biggest quilt I've ever made and I needed to sleep under it as soon as it was complete.

It is surprisingly heavy and unwieldy so I took forever to get around to photographing it to show everyone the finished product in its 80"x100" glory.

I chose the ever popular Ikea number script fabric for a backing, and from a distance, it makes the quilt look small. However, if you know the size of the writing, you might appreciate how much was needed for the backing!

The squares used are 6" and 3" finished (or 6.5" and 3.5" with seam allowance) and arranged in as close to a random order as I could possibly make them.

Again, I used scrappy binding as I felt it added to the homey/handmade feel. I decided on very minimal quilting, only stitching in the ditch, because it makes a quilt softer, less stiff and rigid, it drapes better and looks more handmade than over-the-top (complex and almost commercial) fancy quilting that can sometimes distract from the fabric.

Those are the finished product. I thought I would give you a quick photo timeline of the quilt also. It was hard to narrow my many photos down to these, but I have tried not to overload you with photos!



I hope you enjoyed, along with me, the journey that was making this time-consuming lump of fabric. I don't think I will attempt a quilt this size for a while. It was physically exhausting but so very rewarding.
Until next time,

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