Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Busy Busy

Hello hello!
First, before I begin, I want to warn you. This is going to be a very "image-heavy" post. If you want to, view on your computer and not on your phone (pictures will be bigger and you won't have to use up your data!).
I am sorry I haven't been around recently. Life all of a sudden got VERY busy.
Here's the rundown of all you've missed out on!
As you already know, Chelsea arrived.

Manic sewing ensued and I was able to put together her first quilt.
I've been making hexagons for months, but I had never actually sewn any together. I decided to make the label for the woodland quilt from hexagons. Here are the results of my first attempt at English Paper Piecing (EPP). Be kind!
Also, be kind about my handwriting. I'm having difficulties holding pens and so my handwriting resembles that of a 5year old.
I managed a few visits to Katie and got lots of Chelsea snuggles. She makes the most adorable squeaky noises when she is relaxed. It's ridiculously cute!
I brought with me her quilt and she settled in quick smart!

I went shopping with my mum and can I say this one thing? I hope I age as well as she has! She's one beautiful woman.

I managed to squeeze in a few fur-family cuddles and games. Sometimes I wonder how I could have survived all these years of illness and depression without these guys. It's like a three ring circus at times, but they are playful, fun and loving. Everything children are, but they actually do what you tell them to!

My hands decided to swell up all crazy-like.

A new doctor, a Rheumotologist, has diagnosed me with Psoriatic Arthritis. Even though I don't have Psoriasis. Apparently all you need is the gene for it and you can get the Arthritis. So far, I haven't responded to the medicine and so he has bumped the dosage up and put me on a 1000ml prednisone pump. The swelling went down for about 4 days (it was meant to last 4-6weeks :-/). Well we hope his diagnosis is correct and the treat ment is successful, because I'm getting sick of the swelling, pain and loss of movement.

And, because you gotta keep smiling....

I started a new sewing project!

And was then promptly distracted by a sudden wisdom tooth extraction.

I made questionable fashion choices.....

And then took photos of hand and then nails.

I made a tablecloth and placemats for a friend's mum.

I got annoyed at the way my mum was structuring the bonsai and took over.


I attempted to make progress on a quilt I'm making for my twin sister.

I ended up spending more time taking photos of it than actually quilting.

I left the house!

 Mum discovered this book amongst her god-mother's things

 OH MY!!

Spring sprang

My cat gifted us with this baby water dragon. Luckily our cat likes to play with his "prey" and so he had no damage. You should have seen mum chasing the cat chasing the the living room. 
 He was surprisingly soft.

More wildlife visited

Dash and Nixie were attention hogs


Maude flowered

Nails were done
Fruche consumed
And youtube was caught up on (the brain scoop and community channel)

My second eldest sister is expecting a boy in March next year

 And I made the first pouches I've ever made!

I have been a busy girl. I also thought I would do a massive update to let you all know I haven't forgotten you (and to prove I really was busy!).

Unfortunately, over the next few weeks, maybe months, I will be on and off. Two weeks ago, an extended family member was diagnosed with bowel cancer that has spread to the liver. I will be spending as much time with him and his family to help in this trying time. Luckily, I have a lot of free time and so I can offer my time. I will still be sewing when I can, but family is the priority at the moment.

Thank you again for visiting. Don't be scared to comment, even if it is just to say that you watch the brain scoop too!

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  1. She was born on Makenna's birthday! Btw, I am just now adding my Instagram friends to my Blogger list :)