Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hello hello,

Things have remained busy here.

I made a few more pouches.....and realised I probably should have made several different sizes because not everything I wanted could fit in them, or they were too big.

I cleared the horror of a mess that was my bedroom and then stood back and admired my low volume quilt. Geez, I just can't stop loving it.
Also, some of New South Wales' worst bushfires in more than 15-20 years rages across the state. These photos are from my house, of the fire that covered Balmoral Village, Bargo, Yanderra, Yerrinbool and a large portion of a massive national park.

My place is the blue dot......
There was a total of 93 fires at one stage, plus many more spot fires caused by falling embers. Rural firefighters in Australia are at least 90% volunteers. The other 10% is the headquarters in the state capitals that help with administration and co-ordination in cases like this. We had firies convoying across the country from South Australia, Victoria and Queensland. Hundreds and hundreds of houses were lost....and countless animals - both wild and domestic (because the fires took everyone by surprise).
If you want to see much better photos, especially of the aftermath, click here
Otherwise, the animals were up to their usual antics. Jasper decided to channel his inner monkey
 Nixie continues to creep me out by sleeping with her eyes open and rolled back.
I found a native tortoise in the yard. Unfortunately my idiot dog found him first :(

Luckily we had an abundance of sterile dressings, betadine, micropore and a trained professional in splinting (ok....human splinting, but it follows the same principles)

We took him to the vet the following morning and after inspecting the dressings he said he couldn't have done a better job himself *puffs chest out* haha.
We called WIRES and they picked him up and he should be back to his normal business in a month or two.
Far be it for me to go more than a day without an odd encounter with wildlife, this guy was sitting on our window.
 After taking a few photos, I took him outside and said goodbye (and told him i hoped one day he could grow leaves like a real branch).
My bonsai flowered!
I cut up more fabric
And quilted some stuff

Lastly, I visited Katie, her husband and my little chill pill Chelsea.

That's it for now,

I will post more and more often, when things calm down around here ;-)


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