Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Chris' Quilt

Hello hello!

What's this? A not so modern fabric quilt?

This quilt is actually a friend of mine's. She pieced it and asked me to quilt it - "Just ditch it" she said. I quilted "in the ditch" but felt like it still needed something more.
Here's a little photo of it with only ditiching done with ye olde frixion pen details drawn all over it (man was I relieved when I ironed it and it disappeared. There's always a slight heart attack with the first line)
I added a few additional lines with the idea that if she didn't like them, I would unpick them for her.
She loved it. She said it was better than she could have imagined and that the tiny extra decorative lines just perfected it.
I thought I might add a few photos from the bushfires in Bargo. It was burnt as far as the eye could see across the ravine and over the freeway :-(
It is almost unimaginable to think of how many native animals were killed and lost their homes. Such a horrible tragedy.
In other news!
I got my favourite nail polishes,
that I keep in my lovely pouch made using this tutorial by the super dooper clever Anna from Noodlehead.... and with them,
I painted these cool geometric beads from BLANKgoods. I seriously needed to replace the icky pull that came with my blind in my bedroom. You know, the standard macrame around a plastic ring that then breaks and you then have a bedraggled cord hanging from the blind and are too lazy to do anything about for years.......
Well, I did some thing about it!
I also printed a few photos....1226 of them. Still so many waiting. Blerrghhh.
See you around!

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