Thursday, 21 November 2013

TUTORIAL: Scrap busting with Christmas Baubles

Hello hello! (or should I say Ho Ho Ho?)

I just noticed it is just over a month to Christmas. YIKES! Where did the year go? To be honest, I don't remember June, nor half of October, so I believe that this year MUST have been shorter than last year.

So I realised I had basically NO time to get presents together for the sewing lovers that I know. Plus, I'm not exactly made of money, and I had to think of something quick!

Now I'm one of those crazy ladies that hoards her scraps in the hopes that they will one day miraculously produce a marvelous project, have the one perfect colour you were looking everywhere for, or something. As a result, when I was making my massive low volume quilt, I had trimmings of between 1/4" and 1/2" that were all over my table and I just couldn't bring myself to chuck them out. I put them  in a jar and have been happy with them just looking pretty for the last few months, but I have been wanting to actually make something out of them.

I decided that the perfect solution to my "I have no time, money or idea what to get" conundrum was to make baubles! Personally I think they're a fantastic idea for a crafty person that already has every notion, fabric, and book, but you still want to give them a crafty themed gift.

All you need are empty glass (or plastic) baubles, fabric scraps (any colour or theme you want) and a skewer.
Fold the fabric into a rough circle around your fingers
Pop it in through the top
Loosen the circle with the skewer.

As you put more and more fabric in, they will fold around each other and you may need the skewer to rearrange so they're not all piled in one circle.


My mother has already requested some of these with Christmas themed fabric and a little glitter!

Enjoy your bauble making kiddos!