Thursday, 5 December 2013

November 2013

While no month this year can stand out exclusively and have it said that it was particularly hectic, I do believe that November was one of the contenders.

I continued my aimless English Paper Piecing.

I tried my hand at squares, and hope to use these little cuties one day soon.

I put together some blockout curtains for Chelsea's room. I'm yet to get around to taking photos of them up.

Chelsea began to smile,

I was asked to babysit Chelsea.......

Without adult supervision......

 I WAS THE ADULT SUPERVISION. (note Chelsea's dismay upon learning this development)

My cat and dogs got up to their usual nonesense:






I managed to get a Quilty Box sent to Australia, the postage was horrible (not their fault, it is Australia's fault for being situated somewhere between Narnia and Middle Earth)

I started the long process of writing up some of my patterns, calculating fabric requirements and getting testers.

I still managed to find a little time to have fun...


 I missed my twin sister, as always.

Sewed "HST stingrays"

Summer has now begun,


and I managed to get a pretty bad strain of the 'flu in it's first week :-| 

The latest project, other than testing my patterns out, is quilting this low volume table topper with 1/4" lines.


Until next time friends :-)


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