Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Low Volume Cat Mat / Table Topper

Hello again!
Now I've been on Instagram for a little over a year and gotten to know a few cool people on there. Some I just stalk their photos because they're kinda amazing and I never know what to say, some followed me first and then I looked at their stuff and was completely humbled, some I have become close with due to shared interests (sewing and other things) and others I kinda became friends with because we both saw each others stuff/obsession with cats/similar sense of humour and forced ourselves upon each other with a comment like "I love your cats. We will be friends. That is all."

One of said friends is an amazingly hard working, busy, funny, caring, crazy, super talented and fellow feline fancier that always has a snarky remark to make me laugh or an encouraging thought to boost me when I'm feeling a little deflated.

One day the two of us decided to do a swap. I had tonnes of  low volume 7 1/2" squares left over from  my big low volume quilt and so when we had finished umming and ahhing about what we hadn't already sewn for ourselves, she came up with a table runner - but i'll call it a table topper because it is a round table so there's no distance for it to run.

I proceded to lose the measurements she gave me and just winged it.

This is also the first time I've ever done matchstick quilting - ie. 1/4" spaced quilting. I don't think I will be doing it again for a looooonnng time! It's not especially hard, it's just time consuming and hard on the wrists and shoulders.

I decided to bind it with the simplest and "quietest" colours from Bonnie and Camille's "Happy-Go-Lucky" fabric collection and I personally think they're perfect for low volume quilts without drawing attention away from the middle.

Well that is all on that quilt.
If you have any questions, email, instagram or comment :)

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