Sunday, 9 February 2014

NEW PATTERN: Dawn Blossom

I have been so excited to show you my new pattern and I decided I couldn't wait any longer and so here it is!

After seeing many dawns due to illness, I had noticed the main colours seen just before and as the sun appeared.

Navy, as the sky lightened from black.
Magenta, pink through to orange as the sun's light shone through the atmosphere.
Pale green as the grass was touched by the first light of the day.
Aqua, the sky settling from night into daylight's rich blue.

With the morning sun, flowers begin to open and thus ~ the Dawn Blossom pattern was imagined.

I have a few people that have been testing the pattern for me, so I will have a few other colour ideas I can show you over the coming weeks.

I have gone ahead and put the pattern on and you can get both the mini quilt
and full size quilt patterns.

I am bursting to show you the tester's quilts, but I have to wait for half of America to defrost for them to be able to go outside to take decent photos!

Until next time,