Thursday, 13 February 2014


I bet you've all been wondering what I've been up to recently.

Even if you weren't, I'm going to let you know anyway!

 Lots of fruit was chopped up. Many a fruit salad consumed.

Jasper and I had a bit of a photobooth session

The puppies kept me company while I sewed.

I wrote and started selling my first real pattern "swift wreath". I had to try and write about my 'inspiration' and apparently, "I thought it would look nice" wasn't good enough. So bear with my artsy fartsy description. Though it is in honesty partly true, I think it borders on pretentious. Please don't feel like I think my creations are an art form that could rival the greats - though Justin Beiber may feel threatened (and I think I'm cool with that). It can be found on (there's a link in my sidebar).

I did some sewing. From EPP.

To my first cushion cover.

To a random, quick, one day quilt top for the man (still waiting for the backing)

Making a new pattern and then wanting to completely destroy it and all evidence of it.

I planned a lovely floral quilt,

however, I realised it was a little too muddy for my liking and that I don't have enough large print flowers - this is going to be a UFO. I just know it.

I bought my first (of what I know will be many) Singer :-) She is a 201K and I'm still in the middle of cleaning her up before I will use her.

I have planned five more patterns - I just need to get around to writing them out, making them and photographing them. Until then, I'll scribble and say I'm 'planning'.

I also got a big cutting mat. I'm soooo very excited about it. Its dimensions are almost twice the size of the old one I had. It will be glorious!

Otherwise, I've been in and out of doctors and I've been jabbed and poked and prodded and I have been happy to spend the rest of my time sewing and not thinking about my health (when it lets me ignore it).

Until next time,

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