Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Melbourne: 22nd February - 8th March 2014

Hello hello!

I have been a busy bee this month.

Over the space of a month, I have been down and stayed in Melbourne for two weeks, come back to Sydney and been to Newcastle twice.

I haven't had much time to sew or even think much about sewing. However, I have planned a few patterns that I will be writing and then releasing over the next few weeks, months.

This post will be image heavy so I advise you to look at it over wi-fi so as not to use up your data on your phone. I have tried to make the files smaller, but as I told you, LOTS of photos. I have culled the first week of Melbourne down to sixty something photos and here they are!

I flew down to Melbourne and my twin sister, Julia's, partner's birthday was that week. I had put together two cushion covers made from fabric screen printed by Karen at "Blueberry At Home". They matched the place perfectly!
 The first night I was there was "White Night", which is light festival that's held all over the world. This was Melbourne's second year. It was good, just a little crowded and not enough to warrant going out with that many people to only see a few things.

These are probably some of the best hot chips I've ever had. Sea salt and rosemary with aioli. Just perfect - especially for the cold night.

The Carlton Baths were lit up and there were synchronised swimmers doing their thing. We were on the lower level because I was in a wheelchair. The up side was, I didn't have to wait in a queue!
I took so many photos of food and beverages, it's quite ridiculous how well I ate. So much fresh and good quality foods available and they all tasted amazing.

This is the last photo of me with my hair that went down to my waist. Here Julia and I were ready to go out for Sean's birthday dinner.
This was  my first time trying teppanyaki. It was really good. I don't like fish, but I have the motto that I will try anything (within reason of course!) once. So was surprised that I liked quite a few things.

 I even tried the "original prawn chips". Ie. the legs/chest from the exoskeleton of the prawns fried. They really did just taste like prawn chips!

 Julia lives so far away from home and she misses our dogs and cat. This sometimes eventuates in her borrowing/dog-sitting Sean's parent's dog, Charli.

 The new haircut. I'm meant to look impressed with it.
 Looking more amazed than impressed
And then the more normal twin photos happened
I went to the orientation for new students in Julia's course at university. She has just started her second year in a Masters of Speech Pathology and a few of the students were asked to convince the new students that it wouldn't be that bad. Look at her and Naomi being all official, giving advice and stuff.
I put this on my name tag because only one of the students in Julia's year knew me and so I didn't want current students to think I was a new student or a new student to think I was a second year student because I was hanging around Julia and Naomi!

 Naomi and I get on like a house on fire. I'm so glad I get along with her. It would have been realllly awkward otherwise. Especially because I spent two nights at her place and all....
One of the amazing meals meals I had. Figs, eggs and prosciutto. Genius!
 Also, this is how to advertise to me. "STUFF! THINGS! YEAH!". Marketing genius
I became an avid tea drinker
 and tried to make Naomi's cat love me. She still wouldn't let me get near her.
I played bananagrams for the first time. It is a great game. It's like a quicker version of scrabble.
Colour coded lollies. You bet I was all over those bad boys.
My trusty duffel bag is now a year old. I made it in March last year and its first journey was also my first journey to Melbourne. It's the perfect on board luggage bag (and airport chair pillow).
Yep. I got me some of the lollies.
Julia, Naomi and I played Scrabble.

I won (of course).
We had pho.
I went to the South Melbourne Markets a few times. So much good stuff. 

I dropped in at G&J Fabrics in East Brunswick and spent waaaay too much. It was worth it though!

Julia and I visited Sean at work!

It was hard to resist the urge to press all the buttons and move all the sticks!

So apparently that's not a periscope because "ahh, Caroline, we try not to go underwater". It is a magnetic compass. I prefer the periscope idea. Sounds way cooler.
We annoyed him by continually calling his charts "maps"
and we had fun with the windows!

 This is me ordering the periscope up....
The week finished with a cozy evening watching a beautiful movie that made us all gooey inside.

I always enjoy being around my twin sister. As you can see, the trip so far was not a disappointment!

I will put the second week's photos up soon :-)

Until then,

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