Monday, 31 March 2014

Melbourne: 22nd February - 8th March 2014 Pt.2

The second week of my trip to Melbourne!


We travelled to Geelong,

 where it was a quiet Sunday afternoon,
not many people were out.
There was no competition for the gelato
and we played with local attractions...
 Looks like Julia's shoes are on fire, right?

We continued on to Bell's beach, the beginning of the famous Great Ocean Road and apparently Mecca to surfers?
 I broke in my sewing caddy, that was made by my beautiful friend in USA. (Note the Heather Ross horsies! *dies*)
 We discovered Julia didn't have a rolling pin....
 but we still managed edible pastry for these AMAZING honey nut tarts.
They tasted better than they looked - yes, that's possible.
I met up with one of my friends that I met on Instagram, Miss Rosey Day. Have a look at the intricate and adorable OOAK miniature bears she makes on her blog and website.

Rosey is a kind, cheerful and delightful lady to hang around. We got on like a house on fire and I really hope to catch up with her next time I'm down in Melbourne.

 Whilst in Melbourne, I developed a new taste for fruity teas and infusions. One of my favourites was Peach Melba by the Oriental Teahouse (brought a lot home with me!) and Melbourne Breakfast by T2.
Julia continued to cook amazing food and taught me a few new recipes.

We puppysat Charli.
and I visited Amitie Textiles!

 We visited a winery on the Mornington peninsula called Montalto.
 We ate fancy food

It tasted brilliant!
I went to L'ucello in the Nicholas Building in the centre of Melbourne.

I was like a little wonderland!

 They had a wall of Liberty of London Tana lawn and bias tape,
Vintage and current threads and notions,

and the place was bursting with charm!

 I had a few more breakfasts and lunches with Julia and Naomi.

 and puppysat Charli one last time.

and had a little fun before we took her home!

I had so much fun. I can't wait to go back down (once my wallet recovers!)


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