Thursday, 8 May 2014

Dawn Blossom Queen Quilt

I wrote the Dawn Blossom pattern up about six months ago and Jessica, one of my instagram friends, was lovely enough to offer to test the pattern for me.

Although she was delayed by the backing being messed up by an order debacle with a fabric shop, she was able to have it finished and tied up in no time.

She chose a warm tan as a background with fresh greens and blues that all remind me of spring.

The Dawn Blossom pattern is very versatile and works with all styles of quilt fabrics. Traditional, civil war repros, solids, modern and 1930s repros.

It could be used as a wedding quilt, present for a family member or as Jessica's man uses it - for cuddling on the couch!

The pattern is available in both my craftsy and etsy stores. Please support the little guy (that little purchase makes a BIG difference to someone like me, who is unable to work due to illness).

Until next time,

Quilt pieced,  quilted and photographed by Jessica Kerkhoff. Thank you so much for being a tester and creating an amazing quilt.
Also: the etsy pattern is a little more because they have their fees and stuff.

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