Friday, 18 July 2014

NEW PATTERN: Finding Formation

So I made a new pattern.

Ive been working on this one for a few months. Things got in the way, I had family commitments, I needed pattern testers, I had other projects and I had other patterns to write up.
Nevertheless, I am now able to release it!
I have written a two versions - one with rectangles and flying geese, and one that replaces the two rectangle blocks with a square (for those that want to have a single background colour).
It is perfect for beginners - yep, it doesn't look it, but it is ;-) and includes a cot, throw and queen size instructions.
Of course I needed to use the Britten Nummer fabric for the backing!
I did super simple straight line quilting that wasn't too dense and let's the quilt keep its drape nice and soft.
This version was made by one of my testers Collen Grunow (instagram @urun2bfit).
It's so bright, summery and light.
Colleen was one of a few testers.

You can get a copy of the pattern in my Craftsy store here.

If you would like to see some other of the tester's quilts, here are links to their quilts!

My quilt has been listed in my Etsy store here.

Until next time,
I have to mention a very big thank you to Bron from Krafty Kuka for her little worksheet to keep track of fabric, and for her (and my other pattern testers) very helpful suggestions and proof-reading.


  1. I have been watching Bron make hers and I have loved it! So excited to see the pattern released this morning - I've been stalking your blog! Congratulations!

  2. I love this pattern so much! And both your version and colleens are gorgeous!! Also you take fabulous pictures! Xo

  3. I love this quilt! SO much fun. Great job Caroline! I wish I had your pattern making skills!

  4. I've just seen Kraftykukas version
    Of this quilt in the Canberra show. Seriously stunning pattern. Love the different variations colour choices make with this pattern!!!!