Thursday, 5 December 2013

November 2013

While no month this year can stand out exclusively and have it said that it was particularly hectic, I do believe that November was one of the contenders.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Blue Arrow Quilt

So I finally quilted and bound that arrow quilt that I started way back when I made this free pattern from it.

Wanna see?

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Chris' Quilt

Hello hello!

What's this? A not so modern fabric quilt?

Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hello hello,

Things have remained busy here.

I made a few more pouches.....and realised I probably should have made several different sizes because not everything I wanted could fit in them, or they were too big.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Busy Busy

Hello hello!
First, before I begin, I want to warn you. This is going to be a very "image-heavy" post. If you want to, view on your computer and not on your phone (pictures will be bigger and you won't have to use up your data!).
I am sorry I haven't been around recently. Life all of a sudden got VERY busy.
Here's the rundown of all you've missed out on!
As you already know, Chelsea arrived.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Chelsea's Woodland Friends Quilt

Hello hello,

I know it has been a while since I have been on here, but I promise I've been busy.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday Fabric Porn

Saturday, 7 September 2013

FREE PATTERN: Blue Arrow Quilt

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Finished Low Volume / Impact / Colour Value Quilt

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Month So Far.....

I have been trying to keep updating the blog as often as possible. My only worries are that I may not have done much sewing and so update with non-quilty related stuff and bore you, or have done too much quilt stuff and so everything posted with all be too jumbled OR a mix of both.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Baby Shower

Friday, 16 August 2013

FREE RECIPE: Yummy Warm Carrot, Zucchini, Apple and Walnut Loaf

Hello, hello,

This weekend, we are hosting a baby shower for my eldest sister. It will be the first of it's generation and needless to say, we are a little excited. Four daughters in one family....there's going to be a crazy amount of love lathered on this kiddo.

My sister has chosen not to find out the sex of the child and so I haven't been able to make all the quilts I am DYING to make, and so gender neutral everything is being rolled out.

Anyway, my twin sister came back home from Melbourne (we live about 100km SW of Sydney) in the middle of a university week, going on about needing to study while up here. Now, one thing I will always associate with Julia is cooking. Another thing is, when she procrastinates....she bakes like crazy.

She started going through the cupboards exclaiming how much she misses mum's store of ingredients, her containers, her appliances and tins. Next thing you know, we're pulling out the food processor, mixmaster, using the stove and oven and half the tupperware containers with ingredients were sprawled across the kitchen cupboards and floor.

We ended up making four things between 1 and 4pm. It's 4:30pm now and I think I can hear her planning more in the kitchen and muttering how muffins would be perfect for the shower.

Anyway, I thought I will share one of the recipes with you. This recipe came from an old school friend and tastes AMAZING (even in batter form).
(Note: all measurements are in the metric system).

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

TUTORIAL: Lozenge Block

Hello hello!

For this tutorial, I have decided to use two of the most popular pre-cut sizes. That of the 10x10 inch "layer cake" and the 5x5 inch "charm pack". Each finished block will be 10" with seam allowances (or 9 1/2" finished).

What will we need?
- 10x10 inch printed squares. These can be a layer cake or cut by you from your stash and scraps. (I'm using "Avalon" By Fig Tree Quilts for Moda). One layer cake has 42 of the 10" squares, of which I have chosen 30. This is because I felt as though some of the colours were too neutral and would look like I had a complete solid block even when sewn to the quilter's muslin.
- 5x5 inch solid colour squares. These can be charm packs or cut by you from your stash. (I'm using some quilter's muslin from the cupboard and have no idea where it is from). Each charm pack has 42 squares and we need two 5"squares per 10" square.
 - Something to mark your fabric with. As you wont see this anywhere in the quilt, it can be a boring old pen or fancy sewing marker.
- Square ruler or normal cutting ruler
- Rotary cutter
- Cutting board
- Iron

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Comfy evening

Sometimes the best evenings aren't out on the town.

Sometimes they're spent snuggled on the lounge with a block of chocolate, hexagon paper pieces, scraps of fabric and Star Trek: Voyager on the tv.

*contented sigh*

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Hello hello!

Just a quick pop in to show you:

a) The moon was MASSIVE last night. It wasn't just here in lil' ol' Straya, I noticed lots of people on Instagram and facebook from all over the world showing some love to old faithful. Small fact, even though the moon as been with Earth for, like, ever, most people don't realise that it (and our sun) have universal (every language) names. Just in case we decide to move to another system and want to look back at our original home and look around and there's an awkward silence when someone says " Gee I miss our moon and sun." Educated people in the future will be all "Gee I miss Sol and Lun". There's actually a push in some scientific circles to stop calling the moon "The Moon", because there are so many moons/satellites out there and by saying Lun/Luna/Lunar, no matter what language you are speaking you know they're talking about OUR moon.

b) These magnets:

As you can see, they're made by Miss BJ from Lily and Charlie

They're made with the fancy super strong Neodymium magnets that can hold a ridiculous amount of stuff to your fridge.

Suggested uses? 
- Holding those stupidly thick but delightfully luxurious birthday/anniversary cards that come with 6 folds and 8 extra leaves of paper in them
- Sticking those massive pieces of paper to the fridge that always billow with the air as you swing the door open and shut and ALWAYS fall off when you have your hands full
- To threaten your children with sticking them to the closest bridge if they're naughty
- Holding juuuuust far enough away from a small metal object and wowing people with your telekenetic skills
- Holding paper or photos on a noticeboard or fridge (highly recommended)

So maybe the first few suggestions didn't come on the packet, but they are reasonable suggestions.

Anyway, get on over to Lily&Charlie's Big Cartel Store and Etsy Store. There's lots of lovely handmade goodies, from hair ties and earrings to fancy magnets and book marks. 

I will get on with the tutorial for the Happy-Go-Lucky quilt I recently made ASAP. I wasn't able to get any sewing done today due to painful fingers and elbows that didn't want to extend. I will be on to it as soon as my body permits. In the meantime, keep happy and enjoy all things lovely.


P.S. This post was not sponsored by Lily&Charlie in any way. I just wanted to share some loveliness with the world.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Update on doings

Hello hello,

If anyone has been following me on Instagram, they would know that recently I pin basted my monster low colour value quilt the other day. Alone.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pink Ombré Quilt Part 2

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Blueberry Park Custom Screen Printed Fabric

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Pink Ombré Quilt

Positively Tickled Pink

Friday, 28 June 2013

Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair 2013 Part II

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I was all ready to get all the fabric together from the Craft and Quilt show and start taking photos, however, this happened.

The weather fairy decided to turn my driveway into a river and knock down the fence for the horses' paddock. Never fear, I checked that the power was off before playing with it!

So all the fabulous photos were never to happen today. The ones that just look amazing (if you don't own a studio, fancy lighting, backdrops etc) are achieved in daylight. Today's daylight was like being stuck in a cloud. So no photos :(

I haven't forgotten, I really wanna show them all off!


Friday, 21 June 2013

Chronic Fatigue gone. Time for Fibromyalgia.

As you may have read from other posts, I have a chronic illness. I don't usually name it. This is because it is hard to be diagnosed, and even then, you can sometimes find out years later that advances in medicine have discovered that your illness is in fact something else, or, because it is a 'syndrome' your signs and symptoms may not fit perfectly under the umbrella of its diagnosis, as not all cases are the same, nor is the condition completely understood. You may have most (plus others they're not sure about) but not all that they are aware of ...... So far. And so you are left hanging, suffering, not even having a name for what is torturing you incessantly. You may sense some frustration.
     One of the frustrations of having illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia is that of obtaining a diagnosis. These illnesses are diagnosed through a process of elimination. I have had blood tests with so many things written on the request, even the pathology worker had to look up some of the acronyms allocated to the obscure tests. I've had nuclear medicine bone scans, MRIs, X-rays, seen physios, doctor after doctor. After each person eliminates an illness or group of maladies covered by their specialty, I was referred back to my GP that said I had Fibromyalgia. 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

My life story.

I will continue with the photos of my spoils from the Craft and Quilt Fair as soon as I am physically able.

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed me referring to it, I have a chronic illness.

I think it is time I explained a little about what is up with me. *rolls up sleeves*

Monday, 17 June 2013

Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair 2013

The 2013 Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair was on from the 12th - 16th June and I was lucky enough to go in for two days. Although it's no Houston, it's good enough for me!! FABRIC HEAVEN! Quilt, fabric and sewing shop owners/designers etc, come together and the public (fight over) are able to  purchase fabrics and supplies that aren't available their local shops or only online (with ridonkulous postage), network and stuff.

After last year, we had planned to do it in two days - and with a wheelchair. Last year when we went, we didn't manage to see more than about a third of it because I was unable to walk or stand any longer - so we had to leave early. It was a bitter disappointment, but we made up for it this year!

My wonderful mum and I went in on the Friday night and we stayed for two nights, allowing us to be up nice and early for two full days at the show. Knowing we had two days, we didn't feel rushed, and we soon realised it was a good plan to do it that way, because on the Saturday, we only got from aisle A through to D....and the aisles went up to K! Eeek!

We checked in at the iconic Great Southern Hotel in the centre of Sydney, right next to Chinatown/Haymarket, and for the first time in my life I was upgraded for something. We were moved to an executive suite! Oh yeah! Still, only two single beds. Not the two king sized beds I was expecting :P

I loved the hotel decor (recently refurbished). It was art deco inspired with deco style fonts, memorabilia from when the hotel was operating between 1903 and the mid 1930s.

We settled in, snacked on random goodies. Mum on chocolate and red wine. Me on chocolate and wraps. No-one but my twin sister seem to understand why eating wraps on their own is so delicious, but trust me, get the right ones and they're marvellous!

We went to bed early, all starry-eyed and excited for the weekend to come. >*o*>

To be continued.....what did I get while I was there?


Have you ever had a free upgrade? Flights? Accommodation? Anything? It's awesome!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Low Volume / Value / Impact Quilt Progress and Other Doings.


Welcome to the misery of winter

Above is a photo of an avenue of trees I drive past every week or so. They're a good judge of the season as they are deciduous (and yes I had to google 'deciduous' to make sure that I spelt it correctly - thankfully I did because otherwise you would have been stuck with 'desiduis'. Stupid language isn't phonetic.) I love the road because it is an 80km/h zone and in autumn the leaves fly through the air as you drive over them and they're caught in the slip stream *sigh*. In summer they're a beautiful luscious green that makes you feel like you're driving through a forest.
The photo on the right was at 5pm yesterday. I pulled into my driveway and the fog was slowly seeping across our front paddock. CREEPY. I didn't stick around long enough to discover whether or not dementors were hiding in the fog as I had raced inside and preemptively scoffed some chocolate. We didn't have any chocolate frogs, but hey chocolate is chocolate.

 The winter weather has unfortunately made my pain worse. On the up side, I get to use the quilts I have made, on the down side, blergh. I have been going through more specialist visits and had two MRIs last week to investigate whether or not we will be able to improve my ability to walk. I'm still waiting for the radiologist report on them, but I will be going to the orthopaedic surgeon next week to find out what he thinks. So far he is worried whether his surgery to remove a tumour in my foot will be more scarring and traumatic to my ability to walk than the existing tumour - but we will find out what happens next soon.

On a more cheerful note. My low voltage quilt top is finished!! Here are a few more photos that I didn't want to spam the people on instagram with :D

The above fabrics were all possibilities for the backing, however, I didn't have enough and had a massive arguement with a pencil and paper when trying to plan a pieced backing. I'm planning on either looking online for a 108inch wideback, 6yards of normal width fabric or......find something at a random quilt/fabric shop. I just want the quilt finished so I can wrap myself in it and re-watch episodes of Elementary and drink vanilla rooibos tea with red licorice. Is that too much to ask? (a little specific eh?)

Again, follow me on Instagram if you want more frequent updates on my goings on, random thoughts, odd observations and photos of my cat and dog. I know that was an exciting and enticing invitation; I sound super interesting.

I'm off to the Sydney Quilt and Craft Fair this weekend. Hopefully I will come back with some goodies to show around.


Friday, 7 June 2013

Colour Crazy 2

As I said, I had more GORGEOUS fabric to share. Here it is!!

YUUURRRRM!!! The red kelp I already raved about, but the adorable circles in squares fabric I didn't. It is from Aneela Hoey's "Sherbet Pips" for Moda line. It is perfect for a big big backing, sashing, patchwork....anything. The size of the squares makes it so versatile. They're not too small to look odd as a backing, but not too big to fit in fiddly patchwork or clothing.

THIS - I really wanted to share. I have fallen for Art Gallery Fabrics hardcore. Their tagline is "feel the difference" and baby, I feel the difference. Slippery, light and smooth these fabrics are AMAZING to fondle. Don't tell me you don't fondle the fabrics. We all do. It's a safe place here. Fabric fondling is good. I don't think I've written fondle (or any of it's derivatives) that many times in one paragraph. Aaaaanyway, the three fuschia, mustardy-yellow and turquoise fabrics with squares on them are from Pat Bravo's "Carnaby St" collection and are called "Kinds Road". These are great as blenders and brilliant as binding. I've seen Rita from RPQ use these a few times and phwoar, luurrrve it. Luckily, Art Gallery Fabrics have seen the potential in this print and decided to print lots more colour-ways in their "Squared Elements" collection to be released in late June. This means, even if Carnaby St goes out of print, Art Gallery Fabrics will continue printing these guys because their "elements" are their go too's for blenders/fillers eg. oval elements, floral elements etc.
Also in the above photo are the two florals from Carnaby St. They're called "Ladylike" and I think that is grand. I'm considering making a dress out of the navy one on the left and using the right one for the lining of a bag. I've recently developed a taste for florals. Not all. I mean, some are just atrocious and hideous and belong in a special place called 'never-touch-these-or-you-will-be-exiled-ville'. However, there have been a few that have  managed to escape that black-hole and become either acceptable almost Liberty prints (of which there are still ugly ones) like these, or the cute adorable ones like Pam Kitty/Leicen/Tasha Noel 1930's-esque. And, because I am a woman, I reserve the right to like and dislike certain florals for absolutely no logical reason. (I believe it is in the girl manual for men - women may change their minds on anything for no logical or practical reason and be accordingly outraged if you point this out).

The lovely floral on the top of that vibrant Art Gallery mountain is from "Bijoux" by Bari J. This lady is an amazingly talented patchworker, embroiderer, freemotion quilter and sewist. Follow her on instagram if you want to feel unaccomplished and inadequate. Did i mention she runs a few miles a day?? ugh. I hate motivated and talented people. Just kidding. So this floral is lovely and delicate, completely suits the Carnaby St fabric and I think all of them will go together nicely in a quilt.

I am  looking forward to days when I am well enough to post tutorials and share my love of fabulous fabric and progress on current projects. If there is a bit of a gap between posts, It isn't because I don't want to write, it may be due to my health or I might actually be legitimately busy (I'll faint from disbelief too if that ever happens!)


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Colour Crazy

Hello, hello.  What do we have here? 


After weeks and weeks of staring at all the low impact/volume/value/(voltage?) fabric I have used to make up my current project, I kinda went a little colour crazy. I went shopping online. *cue awesome shopping montage with cool music*

Firstly, that little swirl of colour up top is the Anastasia Print from Jennifer Paganelli's "Girls World Vibe" collection for Free Spirit Fabric. This is not the headliner print in this collection, but I like it anyway. I love that the print is purely the block colour and white. I buy a lot of blender/filler fabrics in just one colour and white, or two colours and white. This means I don't have to think too much about the colours that will or won't go with it - because it only has one or two choices (plus co-ordinates, but that's not what a blender is for). I'm thinking this will be a staple in the blenders/fillers section of my stash :)

Next we have three from Lotta Jansdotta's "Glimma" collection for Windham Fabrics. I got the "Little Kita" in Blueberry and Fog because, like the Anastasia print, they looked like perfect simple, quiet and easy fillers. Their modern lines can be used in the most modern of modern quilts, yet they're almost whimsical as they resemble kite tales blowing in the wind - allowing them to be used in kids quilts and/or other rich colour based quilts.

Also from Lotta Jansdotta (I love saying her rhymes and almost has a metre to it!), I bought the "Marby" in Jade. This is a little out of my usual comfort zone, but as soon as it arrived, I was in love. The colours are so crisp and stark. The Jade colour is rich and somehow creamy without looking pastel. Definitely getting more than just the 1/2yard I originally bought.

Finally, I popped in the red leaves because I don't have much fabric with block red. I have low voltage (hehe) fabric with red on it, pink and red, green and red etc. Just not much of blocks of red or anything I could use for fillers/blenders if I needed. I particularly liked the 'Kelp' in red from Emily Herrick's "Shore Thing" collection (Michael Miller), because it could be used to look like feathers or leaves in the wind and that is has that magical mix I like of modern/whimsical without looking too childish.
Next, I managed to find a place that still stocked limited yardage of Aneela Hoey's "Sherbet Pips". I grabbed some of the blue and some of the pink background puppies I have always adored. I can't wait to make some hexagons out of them, use it for adorable borders on kiddy quilts and so many more projects - as my sister is pregnant and I now can think of baby/childrens projects :) :)

I also snapped up some of Valori Wells' "Wrenly" collection. I grabbed two of the most delicate and dreamy designs called "Wildfield", in cobalt and citrus. I could imagine just covering two cushions with this and embroidering along the stems of the dandelions.....*sigh*

I am busy planning new ideas for all my new fabric, and almost finished with the quilt-top of my low value quilt. I will add more photos soon from this delivery as there are a few more fabrics I want to share with you and drool over