Tuesday, 23 April 2013

This is from my tumblr blog.

This is about 2/3rds of my stash. I’m planning on cutting a bit from each fabric and making a big ‘low volume’ quilt.
‘Low volume’ is the latest craze in modern quilting appparently. All it is, really, is the majority of the fabrics have a white/cream background, have white as about 70%+ of the colour in combination with a few random muted greys (or any pale/pastel-y colour) so you get an overall look of a ‘quiet’ quilt. Basically the opposite of the neons, pure and vibrant solids etc, that modern quilts are usually known for.
I'll update when I have photos to update you with.

I honestly only posted this to have something to see when figuring out the layout/positioning/HTML crap in Blogger. I will do a proper post when it is no longer between 1am and 10am.

Off to bed.