Wednesday, 10 September 2014

NEW PATTERN: Sea Glass Medallion

The Sea Glass Medallion Quilt originated with me scrolling through my Instagram feed and coming across a photo from one of the online fabric stores I follow. Polka Dot Tea Fabrics is an Etsy store run by two Australian fabric lovers that aims to stock the less easily come by fabrics from Japan (such as Kei, Yuwa and Leicen) as well as Liberty of London Tana Lawns.

The photo I stumbled upon was that of one of their roll-ups of  their favourite blue-greens from Michael Miller's Cotton Couture solids. I haven't worked with many solids but I have found that some solids feel very coarse and rough. Let me just say that the Cotton Couture solids are so smooth and silky that I don't think I will be tempted to try any other solids after using these. I've been much too spoilt with the luxury of their feel!

The Cotton Couture solids have a lovely almost "sheen" to them that I felt really made me feel like I was using very high quality fabric and not just coloured homespun.

Once I had the fabric, I set about planning what I would be using it for. Usually I make a pattern that is simplistic so as to show off the fabric more than the shapes of the fabric. I wanted to use all 15 colours that came in the roll and I also wanted it to be something that anyone with a little sewing expereince could make. If you can make Half Square Triangles (HSTs) then you can make this quilt.

I have always wanted to make a bold, all solid quilt and I'm pretty happy with the result. I might have to experiment a little more with solids!

 With the quilting, I stuck with simple straight line quilting that echoed the outward "motion" of the pattern and I bound it in Navy.

And now, prepare for way too many photos! (Sorry, not sorry!)

All Finished!

I hope you love it at least half as much as I do.

If you're interested in purchasing the pattern, it is available here in my craftsy store.

I'm still working on a few more patterns to come out before Christmas so keep your ears to the ground.

Until next time, Caroline


  1. I love this so much! Isn't it cool how different a quilt can look in a photo - seeing the full quilt in these pictures it really looks like it is exploding out of the centre! Such clever use of colour too! X

  2. Beautiful work!! Just shared on our facebook page :)

  3. Ooh! I love this quilt. Not only are the colors gorgeous, the starburst pattern sparkles like it's alive. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you Kathleen. I'm really loving these colours. A lot of them I wouldn't have chosen if i had walked into a fabric store, but they were perfect for making it look like transparent glass.

  4. I have been waiting to see this all finished after seeing the teases on Instagram, while you were developing the pattern. I'm happy to say it was well worth the wait!! The pattern is dynamic and works so well with the color palette you have chosen to package it with (these are my colors too). It looks as though the center is coming right out at you. It's there, but still subtle too. Congratulations on the release and on having it sold as a kit in your home of Australia. When are we folks in the States and in other countries going to be able to purchase your kit?

    IG: doxiesandturtlesandscottysomy

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments.
      Beth at has copies of the pattern and mentioned she was wanting to put together kits. If you email her, she should be able to put together a kit for you :-)
      Thanks again Lisa for your support!

  5. I would love to purchase this pattern but the link in the blog says it's unavailable - hopefully, just out of stock? How can I purchase the pattern - pdf download would be perfect! Thanks.
    Kathleen S.